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About FatBike Safaris

With an intense love for the ocean, and exploring the beaches, Andy wanted to find a way for him to share his love with others. The FatBike, is the only bike that can ride along the beach, without hassel. Making it easy to use on almost every terrain possible, including snow! The FatBike allows for Andy to take others on his adventures, giving an educational experience as well as an easy ride.

How about riding along the Mozambican Coastline? Kozi Bay? Rocktail Bay? How about good old Durban? The options, are only as limited as your imagination. So, what does a FatBike Safari actually entail?

First, meeting at the shoreline, your adventure starts with taking a gradual ride along the waters edge. While this happens, you will be taught about ocean conservation, and have a chance to explore the beach. After, Andy shows you wonders above water, you will get geared for a snorkel, and learn about the wonders that lurk below.

Different activities will be devised for the day, so be ready to get ACTIVE!

Great for:
Family Tours
Team Buliding Rides
Adrenaline Junkies

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